You must have this to be successful – Gym – South Shields

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You must have this to be successful – Gym – South Shields























So if your a big boxing fan or you receive my emails and live in and around my hometown of

South Shields then you will have no doubt heard/seen the big sporting event that happened on Saturday.


Our local champ Anthony Babyface Nelson defending his Commonwealth title against Jamie Conlan. 


Whether you watched it on Box Nation, seen it on social media or were even there then you will know

that the full fight is now tipped to be fight of the year!



I have the privilege to be part of Anthony's team alongside his head coach Mal Gates.



My role is to help Anthony become even more of an athlete in terms of his Strength and Conditioning.

The fight was like something from a hollywood film. Both fighters giving their absolute all.




I was bursting with pride watching Anthony. Everything we had been working on in the gym was

clearly transferred into the fight. His power, his strength, his engine was very very impressive.

As the rounds went by he was looking stronger and stronger and his opponent was looking drained and tired.

His opponent by the way who has been training in a world class gym in Marbella in

Spain alongside current world champions. 


Anthony by the end was by far the superior boxer.


He looked super human and even the commentator called him Bionic!


So how does a person get to this level of fitness? Bionic fitness?


Answer = Drive and Determination.


You must have both to be successful and that is the truth.

You can't start something half heartedly and expect to achieve what you want.

You MUST want it and you MUST work for it. 


It takes time and patience and doesn't happen over night. This day and age everyone seems to want quick fixes?

So many people promising unrealistic goals in unrealistic time frames.

You can't and shouldn't be sucked in to false advertising.


To achieve what you want will cost blood, sweat and tears to get there.


And that's in terms of anything.

Very blunt and straight to the point but very true.


If your heart isn't in it then neither will be your goals!

If you missed the fight then check it out on this link.


You don't see many fights like this….. LINK




Ps. Some people succeed  because they are destined but most

people because they are determined.

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