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Why Make It So Hard? – Fitness South Shields






















Why do we forever make dieting so hard?

It really is simple – The most successful diet is the one that can be stuck to!

Yeah Coach Tiff but what is that?

Just cut out the crap , eat the healthy stuff and exercise more!

That's your perfect formula.


What is the healthy stuff though?

Well I like to try my best to stick to one rule – if it ran, swam, flew or grew then it's good.

Basically clean natural foods. Not processed rubbish.

I set a little goal myself these passed 6 weeks. My goal was to hit 7% body fat!


I actually got down to 6% 3 days earlier than planned.


I lived off the 2 rules above. I cut out all the rubbish, ate clean and exercised more.
My choices in food were all that of the 'ran, swam, flew or grew rule!'

Was it hard or tough? Yeah at times it was but I must admit it was mainly mentally tough.


When I felt that urge to cheat on my diet, I had to dig deep and keep my mind frame right.

Focus is a huge factor and keeping dedicated to the goal must be reminded time after time.

I have had loads of people ask me why I do it?


Simply because I like to practice what I preach, I want to feel the struggles that all my members

do when times get tough on the diet or they might have had one of them sessions where they

feel they could have done better.

Hey, we all get those times!


Just means I can always relate to members and know exactly how they are feeling BUT

most importantly how I can help with those feelings.


This is a picture of me at 6% click if you want to see but before you do let me tell you what is

going down next week at Black Sheep Fitness Academy.


We are running a week special £10 club. It is a week of training for only £10.

This includes our Pay As You Go classes which would be £10 in itself.


The timetable (as below) is slightly different to the norm as we are running a big competition on
the Saturday 'The Black Sheep Games' so Saturday won't see any sessions.

However, it will all be back to normal for our next program starting on Monday 22nd.


If you are pondering on joining us then this would be the ideal opportunity to try us out 🙂

Just shoot me an email back to secure a spot.





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