Just completed my first BSFA 6 week program. I was terrified when I first arrived but Lee made me feel at ease straight away. As the weeks went by I loved every minute and could not wait to go to bootcamp. It was hard work but worth all the sweat and pain. The support with emails about food tips and menus and the ones to boost and keep you on track were great! I am much fitter and stronger in just 6 weeks that's amazing and has totally inspired me to carry on. Needless to say I have booked on to the next program and can't wait for it to start. Thank you Lee

Paula Gilland

"I decided to join black sheep 5 months after having my beautiful daughter. Has to be said my body confidence was at an all time low and I was finding exercise difficult as I was only averaging 3-5 hours broken sleep each night, plus I was suffering back pain after exercise. Then I started the black sheep programme and I loved it! Even on limited sleep I found myself looking forward to the sessions and working to a very high intensity. I couldn't have done this at a gym I needed the push and motivation from the trainer who is really encouraging. The workouts are aimed at your whole body and with core exercises included I never suffered back pain after any of these sessions. I can now even tackle more advanced versions of the basic core exercises which amazed me. I stuck to 3 bootcamp sessions a week plus a metafit. After 6 weeks I have my confidence, strength, size ten jeans and my fitness mojo back!!

Thank you so much BSFA!! Xx"

Karen Ritchie

This is my fourth round as a black sheep! I continue to get fitter and have enrolled onto my fifth - this is now part of my life and I love it. Thanks to lee and Emma for their ongoing support and encouragement - oh and now the results don't spur me on its the burn that I miss! I am now not looking at the tape measure and scales for results it's inside and how I feel that drives me! Three dress sizes and 2 and a half stone lighter amazing results and I feel great!

Paula Ferriday

I just wanted to say thanks for this month of bootcamp! I've seen some incredible changes in my body shape, fitness and even my willingness to exercise - before Blacksheep the thought of exercise terrified me!
I love Blacksheep- sometimes it's hard but it's totally worth it. In your words, you get out of it what you put it!
I can't recommend it enough!

Thank you 🙂

Sarah Reed

Since joining Black Sheep I have never felt so fit in all my life. At nearly 40 I have never ever been any good at any kinds of sports or physical activities. After seeing the results for myself from my lovely husband, I thought I would give it a try myself!

It took a lot of changing of our routines to get kids looked after, etc so that we could both come along but my word it has been worth it! We are fitter, leaner and full of energy!

I recommend your classes to everyone who listens! The other day Colin and I were talking to someone about exercise and they said "Aye but you two are addicted to it!" I would have shown my backside in Fenwicks window a year ago if someone had have said that about me!!
Sandra x

Sandra Stephenson

All I can say is if you are thinking about joining blacksheep fitness academy "JUST DO IT". I had been thinking about about starting some form of exercise since january, it took me until April to finally pluck up the courage and look for something. I had heard fantastic things about blacksheep, so I plucked up the courage to send an email. Lee answered all my questions and supported me with my nerves. I was nervous due to the fact I was over weight and had not exercised in many years. My first session astounded me, every member made me feel at home as soon as I walked through the doors. And yes as I thought I was very unfit. At the end of my first six week program I shed 16 inches and 10 pound. And I have 2 say I could not wait to join back up. Ive now attended two programmes, and my body has reshaped for the better, I am a happier, healthier, fitter person thanks too the dedication of Lee, im also proud to be known as a blacksheep member.

Sarah Jane Blakey

Thanks to everyone that I train with at the Black sheep fitness Academy and I mean everyone Not just Lee, Lee is the motivator and pushes me to my limits but all around me keep me going as well. I now feel I have made some really good friends and that's an added bonus with the black sheep academy not only do you get fit and healthy you make a lot of friends.

So believe me when I say thanks Lee I really mean it so thank you Black Sheep Academy

David Lumley

I decided to try Black Sheep Fitness Academy after hearing about the fantastic results its members were achieving, and seeing the amazing transformation pictures on the Black Sheep Academy website. I also had the experience of observing these results first-hand from my husband, who had joined the Academy earlier in the year.

I was apprehensive at first, I had been a member of another boot camp previously and hadn’t really enjoyed it – the classes were outdoors (which wasn’t so bad on the dark winter nights, but in the summer we’d have a number of spectators and hecklers!) The boot camp’s instructor had come from an army background, and whilst their aggressive shouting and singling out of members of the group in front of the rest may have served to motivate some , it only made me feel more self-conscious and more aware of the differences in my abilities compared to other members.
However, being a Black Sheep is completely different. Lee is very approachable and supportive, regardless of your ability and physique. He never compares you to others in the group, and to be honest each session is so well structured I am rarely aware of what the other members are doing! However, don’t think that this allows you to get away with not working hard. Lee is a great motivator and will strive to push you to the reach your maximum potential, whatever fitness level you are at. There are a number of sessions available each week, which means there is no excuse if you miss an earlier session as you can always attend a later one. Aside from the sessions Lee sends regular motivational emails, newsletters and information regarding nutrition and sports science. There is also a Facebook page members can use for support and information from other Black Sheep.

Since joining Black Sheep Academy not only have I noticed a significant difference in my body weight and shape, but also in strength and fitness, which I couldn’t have achieved without Lee’s help. I can’t speak more highly of Lee or the Academy and I’m proud to be a Black Sheep!

Amy Paulsen

Hi lee

I was wanting to write my testimonial a while ago after my first programme but I feel now is more relevant after my second programme. The reason for this is because it takes a while for someone's lifestyle to change and I wanted to be sure I had made that commitment! Which I'm pleased to say I have!

I've never been massively overweight but in my adult life Id always been a size 14 and pretty ok with that. I started putting weight on last year and was creeping into a size 16 with some clothing so I joined the gym but 9months ago I stopped exercising as I hated the gym and I saw no difference to my size so I gave in!

This then resulted in more weight gain and I thought what's the point so I ate what I fancied which was crap so to no surprise I got bigger. I felt lethargic and unhappy and uncomfortable in my going out clothes so I didn't go out socialising as much.
One miserable weekend this February a friend posted a picture on facebook which was horrible and I thought enough is enough I WILL lose weight and make that change. I contemplated going to slimming world and rejoining the dreaded gym until a work colleague told me about BSFA. I was excited and signed up straight away.

I was hooked from that first session, we did a fitness test which nearly killed me, I was sweating badly, heavy breathing, legs like jelly and if you recall I nearly fainted and needed to sit down on the bench and I struggled to drive home. Despite all this I loved it and this was because from that first session and many more that followed I felt part of something and we all had a common purpose and for me I want to be a better version of myself. The support and guidance you have given me is priceless, you are inspiring and push people to their full potential. Also if it wasn't for the eating system I would be working hard with limited results as I didn't fully understand how food effected my body, but now I do. So far I have lost 1stone 5lb and 41cm I have also needed to buy new clothes which I'm happy to say are now size 12.
I signed up for the next 3 programmes and to be honest I will be signing up every time

Thanks lee x

Andrea Wood

Hi Lee

Well nearly 6 weeks complete and I cant believe i have lost over 1 stone and have lost 2 dress sizes.

My only regret is that I wish I had entered your transformation challenge.

I just want to thank you for everything. I am off on holiday next week and I feel amazing and feel more confident than ever before!

Bring on the beach 😀

Carly x

Carly Jennings

I have been with Black Sheep Fitness Academy for 10 months now and never did I think I would enjoy something so much. On entering in to the Black Sheep gym all those months ago I was met with massive amounts of trepidation. I'd never done anything like this before and was a little apprehensive that it would not be for me. I was immediately made to feel at home by Lee and his total professionalism and unique banter. It seemed everyone was so friendly with each other and that definitely helped make me feel at ease and a lot less self conscious. I have worked very hard these last 10 months and have achieved some amazing results. I can't tell you how good it feels to see peoples faces when they bump in to me when they haven't seen me in a while, I wish I could bottle that feeling as it's the best ever. What makes Black Sheep so good is the total commitment you get from Lee, it's like having a personal trainer. He's always on hand with advice, hints, tips, motivational quotes, emails, freebies, crazy dress up ideas and charity events. He's such a good motivator and never lets you give less than 100%. Just when I think I've run out of fuel...he spurs me on to give that little bit more, which has given me the amazing results I am so proud of. The Black Sheep Fitness Academy is truly like a family unit and I have made many new friends who I now socialise with outside of boot camp. I feel more confident in myself, have lost over 2 stone and 46cm of body reshape and nearly 3 dress sizes! 🙂 I never thought I could be so happy working out and now train 5 nights a week. Every time I pull on my Black Sheep T shirt, I feel like I'm putting my uniform on to train. I am and always will be a very proud Black Sheep!

Thanks to Lee and all my fellow Black Sheep for all their support

Vicky Holmes

First off thank you for all the effort and support throughout the 6-7 programmes I have completed, including 2 spartan programmes which I highly recommend, they are fantastic for conditioning. When I first started I thought I was in good shape but how wrong I was, the first transformation I saw was immense. Not only did my body physical appearance change but also my mentality towards early morning sessions and a routine that has change my outlook on training and and life itself.

The biggest gain I have seen from Black Sheep is my fitness and strength which has allowed me to progress in rugby which I greatly appreciate.

Thanks buddy

Michael Potts

Michael Potts

Hi Lee,
Last year around this time I decided I needed to get fit, I wasn't sure what to do so I went for a jog early so no one would see me. I had literally got around the corner and I had to stop, it was a disaster, i was so unfit i hadn't realised. I joined Blacksheep fitness academy end of April and love it so much. Not only do I feel great, healthy and have lost almost two stone, I feel that I have something special that will hopefully keep me younger for longer.
I went for a little jog for the first time since last year and I'm shocked at how fit I am, I just jogged and jogged and could have gone on for ever...well , maybe not.

Thank you Lee , you are amazing.

Suzannne Morton

if your thinking about getting yourself back into shape I cannot recommend black sheep fitness academy enough, I have joined the black sheep for the first time this year however I started 2 weeks late but this never stopped Lee from being able to motivate me, as in the 4 weeks I have attended the boot camp I have been able to lose 1st 1lb. So with a little bit of hard work you can achieve your goal I haven't reached mine yet and I'm having so much fun getting there so if you decide to come along I'll see you there. oh and by the way age does not matter I'm 48 years old and I've never felt better.

Dave Lumley

Lee's BlackSheep has got to be up there with one of the best decisions in life to do with health and fitness. At first I was apprehensive about joining and kept making excuses as I did not feel like I would be able to keep up with others and end up looking a bit daft...how wrong could I be, as soon as you speak to Lee you feel comfortable, his people skills are second to none and he is also very encouraging and gives you 100% attention so you can achieve your goals. The sessions at BlackSheep never get boring or repetitive, every time you step foot into a class there is a variety of new workouts that you wont have done on the programme before. If you want to loose weight or just tone up I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND BlackSheep as the exercise's are challenging but also fun and there is always a good moral and banter flying around...I have only been going for 6 weeks but I'm hooked. BlackSheep member for life!!! Like I said at the beginning it is in my opinion the best and by far the most fun you will have whilst working out, the results really do speak for themselves.

Dan Edwards

I still totally love your boot camp and that's down to the fact it's always different and never boring! I was ill the last week so couldn't go and I genuinely felt gutted I was missing out!! That's never happened on other exercise programmes before, normally it's any excuse not to go!!

If you remember what my goal was the first time - well I'm almost there! Back to work full time now AND interviewed for a promotion last week which I went and got. Was told my confidence has rocketed and I'm back to being Sophie again 🙂 that's what means the most to me right now!

So bring on the next round 🙂

Thank you!


Sophie Webster

I joined BSFA in April 2012 after my son bought me the two week Easter package as a present for Mothers Day. To say the least i wasn't best pleased as i had never done any exercise since i did a P.E lesson in 1976 but not being one to walk away from a challenge, i 'bit the bullet' and went along. I was terrified and fully expected to walk into a gym full of 'lycra bunnies' and super fit people but i couldn't have been more wrong, it was full of ordinary people all with the same goal in mind, to get fit & healthy.
I completed the two week programme and have enrolled on every programme since and it is unbeleivable how much my health has improved especially my Diabetes. In August i had a review for my Diabetes and my blood sugar levels were the lowest they have been since i was diagnosed 13 years ago and my G.P had to agree that it was purely down to the exercise that i was doing.
I would encourage anyone regardless of age and ability to join BSFA as i have proved that at 51yrs of age anyone can become a 'Black Sheep'. Lee doesn't expect everyone to be a 'Super Hero' as long as you're giving 100% he will give you 110% in return.
Thanks again Lee, you're one in a million.

Jan Younghusband

Hi Lee,

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed Blacksheep Bootcamp. Before starting I hadn't really ever done any exercise and certainly had not followed a diet. I didn't expect massive results but I have really surprised myself. Your programme is so easy to follow that I have managed to stick to it throughout. You make every session interesting and always seem to be there with encouragement when I need it. I had thought of joining a gym but am so glad I chose Blacksheep instead, I could not have stuck at it on my own and know I would have given up by now without the support.
The only advice I would give someone thinking of joining is to make sure you have plenty of money because you are going to need it to replace all your oversize clothes! Since starting in August I have shed 36 inches and dropped 3 dress sizes. I feel much better for it and have bags more energy which comes in handy for the shopping. Thanks Lee.


Tina Carter

If you want to see results fast build your confidence and make yourself proud in a environment that you feel truley comfortable in. With a trainer that dosnt treat you like a number or a pound sign and feel part of something. wether you Love exercise or Hate it the results dont lie it will change your life for the better you will be hooked!!!! Blacksheep Bootcamp is one of the best descisions i ever made,

Thanks again Lee

Gemma Ord

I have gone from doing no exercise at all to becoming addicted to boot camp. Even as far as getting up at 05:45 in the morning to attend the early sessions (mad as that sounds). I would advise everyone to give it a try and you to will see results while having fun (YES FUN)!

Margaret Thompson

Hi Lee,
As you are aware, when I started bootcamp in April I told you that my goal was to lose weight and tone up for my wedding in August. Well I just wanted to let you know that over those 4 months I discovered that I had stamina, motivation (to get up at 5.30am), and that I actually love exercise. In the beginning I remember how shocked I was by the intensity of the workouts but I felt a pride that I was actually able to last the 45 mins. Then of course I felt the DOMS and struggled to sit or stand for about 3 days after a session. As time went on I would feel a bit smug that I was managing to do all of the exercises but then of course you changed things around and my body would go back into shock. I looked forward to going to bootcamp as I felt every session was bringing me closer and closer to my goal. I did struggle with the diet but did adopt its principles, now I love green tea (with peppermint), coconut oil, and especially that tuna bake! After 2-3 months I enjoyed people telling me that I looked more toned and leaner and I actually felt (for the first time ever) toned and firm. I married David 31/8/12, a week after my last bootcamp session and I felt fantastic. My wedding dress was taken in twice and was actually a little bit too big for me on the day. Apart from feeling slimmer and in good shape, I felt an immense pride that I was able to have the determination and drive to work so hard for those months. Lee, you made those sessions so enjoyable and your enthusiasm and belief that we could all achieve our goals, gives us all the motivation and strength to keep going. Even now, when I hear the songs that you use in the workouts, I have a really strong urge to do a burpee or a star jump!! Your best quote ' Sweat....its just your fat crying' that made me laugh so much, love it.

Thank you again Lee, you helped me to achieve my dream


Claire Holehouse

I knew that I had to give myself a new challenge and breakaway from mundane weight sessions and ‘fad’ diets that I had attempted, with little success, for the last few years in an attempt to whip myself into shape for the forthcoming rugby season. This is where Lee Tiffin and his personal training sessions step in!!

I knew what Lee was capable of after completing two back to back 6 week bootcamps but I didn’t know what to expect at his PT sessions. After a few chats with him I decided that I wanted to book a block of 8 sessions and we discussed my goal which was simply a strength and conditioning based program to improve my strength, stamina, power, endurance and anything else that would prepare me for the rugby season. Not asking for much was I??

Already aware of the bootcamp structure I was expecting a fitness test and I wasn’t wrong…due to my goals Lee put me through a grueling fitness test involving a range of body weight exercises followed swiftly by flipping a tyre the size of small car!! Scores noted we set about with the rest of the session. Once that first session was over I knew I was going to be pushed to my physical and mental limits but I also knew Lee was there to drive me on to reach my goal.

Using the Black Sheep gym at Brinkburn CAas a base and South Shields beach the sessions were never the same and fantastically varied using tried and tested methods. Even during these 1 on 1 sessions many new friends were made; unfortunately these were in the form of car tyres of varying sizes!! The variety of equipment and exercises Lee incorporates into his sessions never give you a chance to get bored or plateau. The functional nature of the exercises worked my body in ways I didn’t know it could. I should add now that I have done many strength and conditioning sessions over the years but I don’t think I have been worked this hard EVER!!

Now that I have finished my 8th session I can safely say that I smashed my fitness test results. My goals haven’t been met, they have been exceeded. I have never felt so sharp at this stage of the rugby season!! My body has been pushed beyond its normal limits but throughout the sessions I have had 100% confidence that Lee wasn’t overworking me or setting me an unrealistic target. Although working alone it never feels like it, Lee is always next to you giving that boost you need to push out the last few reps.

For those people who have done the bootcamps and want a little bit more or those who have a holiday booked and want to drop a few pounds I wholeheartedly recommend the PT sessions. The sessions are tailored to your goals and I can honestly say that I feel Lee would be gutted and like he has failed you if you don’t exceed your goals!!

Quite simply Personal Training by Lee Tiffin @ Black Sheep Fitness Academy is fantastic. You set your own goals and work with Lee to smash them!

John Younghusband

We have both dropped a clothes size and feel amazing, getting loads of positive comments from friends and family. We’ve tried all kinds of diets and gyms in the past but this is the greatest, fantastic results from a fantastic boot camp, in the company of some fantastic people. our weight loss and reshaping is a testament to you and your training programme, thank you so much lee, here’s looking forward to another six weeks!! Looking at the results from the before and after pics on your website made our minds up to join black sheep, and I hope that our before and after pics will inspire others to sign up and reshape.

Gary & Gemma Ord

I want to say thank you to you and Emma and all the smashing people I have met through Black Sheep
It really has been life changing. In four weeks I have lost 6.5 inches and almost 10lbs ... I dropped 11lbs in under two weeks but was not upset to gain a bit cos its leaner muscle ! I feel energized and fresh and dare I say younger. I can now do burpees and not stop and weirdly enough ENJOY the burn.
To all those brownie munching fizzy drinks swigging exercise "allergic" folk out there.... I say try Black Sheep... Now exercise is my new best friend... I know I have a way to go but I'm still there and am so proud and surprised by myself
Thank you for keeping me keen and making me lean :0)

Dawn Elliot

I have just completed my 3rd Boot camp program and am dying to get started on the next one.
Black sheep has not only changed my body but has changed my life too in such a positive way.
Long gone are the sluggish "can’t get motivated" feelings.
Mornings have become much easier too and I feel refreshed after sleep rather than needing more.

I can honestly say I have never enjoyed exercise so much and look forward to every session.
Lee is an outstanding trainer and it's obvious how much he loves and relishes his job by the commitment and effort he puts into his sessions.

Nothing is too much trouble for Lee and he always pays keen interest in any questions asked or advice you may need.
No matter your size, age, weight, fitness level you must give this program a go.
You’ll be pleased to know its very normal people not Lycra clad women and super strong muscle men.

I honestly couldn't live without it
High 5 Lee xxx

Lisa Birch

After telling myself I was going to lose weight and get fit for about the last 5 year, and wasting money joining gyms and never going, a friend encouraged me to try out black sheep boot camp and I am so glad I did. The atmosphere and the people were really welcoming and I wasn’t made to feel self conscious about my lack of fitness or my size. Lee is an amazing instructor; he’s always really supportive and encouraging, answers all of my questions and is really approachable. Every session is different so you never get bored and I find myself looking forward to the next session and always wanting to give 110% in each class. I can honestly say it’s thanks to Lee that I stuck with the boot camp and lost weight and inches by the end of my first programme, and was really pleased with the results. My family have commented on the difference in me not only in my size and shape but also my energy and fitness levels. I can’t thank Lee enough for helping me make the change I’ve been trying to make for the last 5 years and I can’t wait to continue with the next programme. Thanks Lee!

Abi Middis

A fantastic bootcamp, a fantastic guy and a fantastic instructor. Lee can't thank you enough. It's a pleasure to be part of the blacksheep bootcamp.

Frankie Atkinson

Best decision I have ever made I am so happy that I decided to join black sheep boot camp, I totally love it and the support from Lee is amazing like I have said before lee actually goes above and beyond for his black sheep members which for me is the best thing ever, I was a bit worried when I first started but the atmosphere and the people are all really nice and welcoming. Every session is different which is great and I find myself for the first time ever looking forward to doing exercise, Its only been six weeks and I have lost weight and gone down a dress size and can do things now I definitely couldn't do 6 weeks ago, My family have defiantly noticed a huge change and I can’t wait to get stuck in to the next 4 weeks, Thanks again lee.

Louise Kirby

I have recently completed my second six week programme of black sheep BootCamp and i cannot speak Highly enough of Lee and his Sessions. From day one of becoming a BlackSheep member i have been given endless amounts of encouragement and advice too fulfill my goals. If your willing to give 100% effort and commitment to the programme your almost certain to see outstanding results and in turn become a ''Super BlackSheep'' !!! If you want Fun and Effective Fat Loss then BlackSheep Fitness academy is perfect. definitely RECOMMEND!!! bring on the next programme.

Richard Hogarth

How can I put it in to words how coming to black sheep has made me feel?

Well I started this program after a stay in hospital knocked me back to where I was after my first 6 week program.
I feel like a new woman now and have so much more get up and go which is great with 2 small kids.
I feel more toned and have lost a total of 18" to date. I can see the changes in my body and feel it in my clothes. I have people tell me how well I am doing and it gives me the boost I need. It is hard work but all the pain is so worth it and my fitness is on the up too.
It is a lovely group of people everyone there with their own goals to meet all working hard and everyone leaves the same.... goosed 🙂

I love going to black sheep and would recommend it to everyone

All I can say is stand out from the crowd and be a black sheep, can't wait for the next one to start xxx

Sarah Stephenson

After being pregnant with my 2nd child, I had gained an extra 2 and a half stone! For months I tried numerous diets and exercise techniques and only
managed to lose half a pound per week if I was lucky.

One of my friends had just completed a six week programme with Lee and coaxed me into going to one of his free taster sessions which I loved. Straightaway I knew that these classes would melt away the extra weight I'd gained. I must admit I was nervous to begin with, fear of looking unfit or showing myself up but I needn't have worried everyone has exactly the same goal in mind and classes are varied so you never become bored. Lee is very encouraging throughout the programme and is always there to offer support if necessary. He encourages you to to work to your full potential and keep in mind why you joined bootcamp in the first place.

I know it sounds a cliche but joining Black Sheep Fitness Academy was the best thing I could have done. I stuck to the diet plan (well most of the time) and attended every class - not only did I lose almost a stone in weight but I also seriously reshaped and lost 23 cm of body fat!

I am definitely signing up for the next programme as I've become addicted.
I feel so much fitter and have gained my confidence back in only 6 weeks!

Thanks Lee - I definitely recommend your programme to anyone! =)

Joanne Heley

I didn't have to be asked to write this testimonial as it writes itself. Lee Tiffin's Black Bootcamp is one of kind for the quality of workouts, value for money, professionalism, motivation and above all, encouraging members to gel so that everyone reaches their own goal; no Black Sheep is left out. I've lost an incredible stone and two pounds and 29.3cm of body reshaping in a 6 week Bootcamp Programme, but the biggest difference to everyone around me is the smile on my face! It is without doubt, Lee Tiffin's Black Sheep Functional Fitness Academy is holistic in its approach to exercise that works and a diet plan that lives and breathes 2012. Congratulations Lee on being the BEST bootcamp provider in the North East!"

100% committed Lee - totally changed my life, thank you!

Bryony Burton

To be able to build up a reputation like this in just a year is unbelievable. I thought it had been going for much longer. After completing my first 6 weeks I can see the reason why everyone loves it so much....
After being sceptical about starting I thought I would give it a go after being encouraged by my Mam and now I am so glad I have. Lee is a top class trainer who clearly know's the in's and out's of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle and shares loads of his knowledge with you throughout the programme. Every session is different and interesting, you get a buzz from each one.
The diet plan is realistic and the way it is set out helps you to organise your daily routine and isn't some crazy diet that you know you won't be able to stick to after the 6 weeks. I also didn't think I would see much of a difference in my shape but I'm really pleased witht he results and feel like I can keep on top of it now but seeing other peoples transformations really is something else!
I really never thought I would enjoy this as much as I have and the only "criticisms" I have is that it becomes a bit of an addiction and the 6 weeks go too quickly!
I can't big it up enough, it really is excellent and I think Lee should give himself a pat on the back as his hard work is obviously paying off. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.... Bring on the next 6 weeks 🙂

Alex Bovill

'What can I say about Black Sheep Fitness? Where do I start as there is so much and all positives!!! I have never done anything remotely like this for 16 years. What made me want to do this is in April time I had a photo taken with my friend from work. I'm not really that shy, as if there is a camera I'm there, however when we got the photos back I took one look, shuddered and thought 'Nah, Linz sort this out'. I knew I wasnt the healthiest I could be, and a friend of mine said he loved it and I kind of felt the buzz even if I did think 6am was just wrong! I began to think (dangerous I know) and that was when I braved the step to email Lee about his classes. His response was so positive! He assured me I would love it (I do) that I could get results if I stuck to it and really wanted it (I'm on my way, not finished yet). It took me a further 2 and a half month to actually get there and on that warm monday morning I joined the Black sheep tribe...I have never looked back. It sounds cheesy but it really is full of lovely people (even at 6:15am!!!) if you are stuck people are happy to help you out and give you encouragement which is great, gives you that extra drive. Then it all began, my attitude to fitness, my attitude to food everything. The first week was hard I'm not going to lie I even thought Lee had broke me at one point! but I carried on. Lee is amazing, he manages to manage everybody! Nobody is singled out and everyone is treat the same. The patter is amusing aswel. His stamina is endless, his dedication to his job is 110% and more, his emails spur you on, the classes are never the same, every now and again they are little treats, you really don't no what plan he and Emma may have. I can hand on heart say if I, of all people can do this anyone can. It isnt easy and bliddy hell, I didnt realise I could sweat so much, but you no what? I don't care. I know I can do this and I WILL achieve my goals with everyone else in the class. Can't wait for my next photo of my before and after and this time I'm not going to shudder. This is my new addication, and I will not be going anywhere any soon. Plus I've bought a BLack Sheep vest and want my moneys worth out of it ;O) so really in simple terms I LAAAAAAVVE IT, BOOM!!!!!I only wish I'd done it sooner.'

Lindsey Mcdonald

I've never really been one for doing serious fitness workouts, nor have I ever really been dedicated. In all honesty, other than football and cricket, I found most workouts tedious and mind-numbingly boring. However, The Black Sheep Fitness Academy is an exception to that rule. I've just completed my first six-week boot camp and loved every minute of it. The sessions are fun, enjoyable and Lee is an excellent trainer. He's extremely knowledgeable, personable, dedicated, a great motivator and is always passing on invaluable advice. Not only have I lost weight, gained muscle and reshaped my body, going to the boot camp has improved my confidence as well as my energy levels - something you really couldn't put a price on! I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about doing a boot camp and once you've started you'll be itching to go to the next one - I know I am. Thanks Lee!

Chris Glancey

Just done my first 6 week bootcamp with Lee and I cannot believe how good this is. Having struggled with weight for a long time and done various diets, I was ready to give this a go and I am really happy I did. I do the morning sessions and while the first week is a shock to the system, I was surprised at how fast the 'feel good' effect takes over your body. Lee provides a healthy eating plan which is a major help as it compliments the workouts and never leaves you hungry or wanting more. The bootcamp is fun and varying so you never get bored or used to the same workout. This is a lifestyle change for me and to anyone thinking of joining, this could be the best decision you could ever make. Many Thanks Lee!!!

Dean Benstead

This is the best form of exercise I have ever done and every session is different so you are never bored. I enjoy exercise now. The only negative is I cannot get enough. You have changed my life, you have given me support and encouragement throughout the programme.
One word sums the whole experience up : Amazing
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Anna McKivitt

I just wanted to say a huge huge thank you lee. The last six weeks have been not only the most fun I have had while doing exercise but also the most rewarding. As you know I have done bootcamps in the past, but hardcore super strict ones miles away from home and also have a PT/ pilates instructor step dad and even he could not get the results you have. You have such a unique way of getting people to want to do well, I have never faltered from the programme. Just so you know I will be a black sheep member till I have to use a walking stick lol. So thank you so much you are a true fat melting grand master! 🙂

Charlotte Nixon

I have just finished my first 6 week programme and I love it! I’m absolutely hooked and cannot wait to start the next one. Lee is exceptional in what he does, he has a fantastic personality and his sessions are amazing. Every session is varied, challenging and motivational and has also been well structured to enable everyone no matter of age and fitness to get the most from his sessions. Lee is a credit to himself as he is always there day or night for his clients if you need his help and support and he also sets out a great healthy eating plan which is easy to follow. Three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and following my operation and treatment my fitness levels dropped dramatically and I suffered from pain and temporary loss of full use to my left arm , I tried to overcome these problems by attending the gym on a daily basis but never seemed to see any improvement . I then heard about FFA but was very reluctant to join as I thought I would struggle during sessions but after a quick email to Lee I decided to give it a go and what can I say apart from that it was the best move I’ve ever made. During sessions Lee adapted all my exercises so I could keep up with the rest of the group and he has been very supportive throughout the whole 6 weeks, now 6 weeks on not only have I lost weight and inches but my fitness levels have doubled and my arm has improved by 75% which is fantastic, I’m over the moon. All that's left to say is if you have not already experienced FFA then YOU NEED TOO. Lee really can help you accomplish your goals.. ... .... .. Lee you rock

Nicola Whitfield

I have just completed yet another FFA, black sheep 6 week programme. I have been a member of Lee’s boot camp since it started in July 2011 and have never missed a programme yet. I never get bored of the way we train, every session is different and new exercises are introduced to keep you feeling the burn and seeing results. I have managed to maintain a 13lb weight loss with the help of Boot camp and can honestly say that I’m feeling great and my energy levels are through the roof. I definitely think this is the best boot camp in town, excellent value and with 3 sessions a day it’s also very flexible for people like me with a busy lifestyle. Come on people get yourself along to one of the free tasters to see what you’ve been missing out on, you definitely won’t regret it.

Louise Taylor

I only have good things to say about FFA and black sheep boot camp. Having done practically no exercise for 10 years I was nervous that I wouldn't manage the program, but Lee is such a good instructor and motivator that everyone works at their own pace while still managing to push themselves and achieve fantastic results. It’s been a 100% positive experience for me and I can't wait to do it all again. Highly recommended 🙂

Laura Leonard

First of all just want to say thanks for an excellent 6 weeks, I know there's not many people out there who enjoy getting up before 6 in the morning and then testing their bodies to the limit 3 or 4 times a week, I feel like a complete different person. Ever since I left the army I never really stuck at my fitness but doing this has given me that motivation again.

I would highly recommend this to anyone, best thing I’ve done in a long time!!!

Gareth Scorer

If you want to make a positive change to your life and create a healthier you! Then FFA with Lee is what you have been looking for. The programme allows you to push yourself to your own personal max, that, complimented with Lee's professional, friendly and fun approach to his sessions means that whatever your goal if you commit to the programme and give it 100% you will not fail to be amazed with your results.

David Haswell

Hi just want to say that I have been a member of Functional Fitness
Since the beginning and having only missed one session in December (which I regret big time) this has been the best fitness programme I have done and believe me I have done many in my 41 years. Each day is different and exciting to see what you will do each time it is never boring and really enjoyable, can't thank lee enough for all his hard work and dedication in making "exercise enjoyable" for me (never thought I would say them 2 words in one sentence). Anyone thinking of trying FFA please try one of lees taster weeks you won't be disappointed x Wendy

Wendy Bullivant

I joined FFA 3 months ago as I was getting bored at the gym and wanted to try something new. I was (and still am) really impressed with the way Lee runs the sessions. Although we call it boot camp, it’s not really what I imagine a boot camp to be - there is no shouting, punishment type drills or endless push ups involved. That said, it is really really hard work but great fun, always varied and everyone who goes, loves it. This is 100% down to Lee, who is the most positive, encouraging and passionate trainer there is. He is there as much or as little as you need him, always at the end of the phone/email and totally invested in helping you to get fit and healthy.

I would recommend FFA to anyone - it’s really is life changing and the sessions are something all us members look forward to.

Joanne Bryden

From the moment I attended a free taster session at South Shields sea front in late summer 2011 I knew instantly that FFA was going to offer me something different, challenging and fun. For me ‘Boot Camp’ conjures up a vision of poor souls wearing army rucksacks bouncing off park benches whilst a ‘fitness instructor’ hollers at them from afar – not the case (thankfully) for the Black Sheep!
Under the careful watch of the most dedicated and committed fitness instructor I have ever encountered Lee Tiffin offers a programme that cannot be equalled or matched; his sessions are dynamic, accessible to all (no matter what your level of fitness), structured, enjoyable, easy to follow and THEY REALLY WORK to help you to achieve your goals – whatever they may be, be it weight loss, inch loss, toning up or simply (the reason why I embarked on this type of exercise) just to improve your overall general level of fitness and to feel better about yourself. Mission accomplished for me, for sure!
Such is my belief in Lee and FFA that I encouraged a number of friends to attend and not one of them has been disappointed. Testament to Lee he ensures that no matter how many people are in attendance he dedicates the same amount of attention in order to assist you in your own personal fitness journey. Outdoors, indoors, rain, hail, snow or shine, meticulous and ever prepared Lee will tailor a programme to suit. I’m looking forward to being part of and seeing more happy members enjoying the sessions and reaching their goals. FFA and Black Sheep Boot Camp is a defo.... don’t you be the one to miss out!

Deeanne Tennet

It’s at least 15 years since I entered a gym or keep fit class, but when my friend was raving about FFA, I thought it was about time I gave it a go. What a decision! It’s nothing like a gym, its fun, and effective. I've just started my 2nd 6 week course and have seen good results already, lost inches and pounds and feel so much fitter. Lee is very dedicated and passionate about what he does, he is very motivational and supportive, and always has time for his members. I'm so pleased I gave it a go, and would recommend these sessions to anyone who's wants to get fit, lose weight, or tone up. FFA YOU ROCK!!!

Ashleigh Leck

Just started on my second programme with Lee at FFA. I am all ready down a dress size by following lee's healthy eating plan with NO DIET, and feel better than I have done for years. I absolutely love the sessions even though they are challenging! I was very apprehensive at first because I will be 60 soon and also suffer with back problems. Lee adapts the training so that I can take full part in all activities without feeling self conscious or awkward. It's great because everyone works to their own level. Lee is very supportive and really knows how to get the best out of people. I really recommend this programme, so come on all you 'matures' you don't know what you are missing!

Lynn Firby

I've trained with Lee for the last 2 weeks, his fitness academy is a great way to workout. Each session throughout the week is different and works all parts of the body. Unlike most bootcamps FFA put the fun back into keeping fit. While working out Lee gives tips on eating healthy and the benefits of all the exercises we do. In two weeks whilst eating healthily and training 3 times a week with Lee I have lost an inch around my waist, chest, thighs and biceps. I couldn’t have done this without encouragement and positive attitude of Lee. I would urge anyone who wants to work out and get back into shape to give FFA a go.
Tracy Tooley (A happy FFA member)

Tracy Tooley

Having just finished the first four week program we would recommend Lee for any one who wishes to re-tone and get fit in a fun challenging way. we both feel a lot fitter and have a got our sparkle back. Lee motivates you to push yourself and achieve your goals and we are looking forward to next month

cheers Lee

Mike and Diane Dodds

I attended FFA during my stay in the UK this summer, I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of exercise every session is different, the motivation fantastic, Lee Tiffin is very professional and explains every exercise in detail. The group work outs are so much fun and a great motivator. And the results are amazing !! I would highly recommend this fitness academy to anyone no matter what level of fitness. Really enjoyed it learnt a lot and miss it !!

Lisa McColl U.A.E

FFA... what can I say? In a word.. AWESOME! I always like to keep fit and have tried many different forms of exercise over the years. I have also attended a number of bootcamps but none are quite as unique, or effective, or as fun as Lee’s FFA academy! Every session is different and Lee’s careful planning ensures maximum impact and great results. I am now embarking on my second 4 week programme and am already feeling and seeing great results. I feel generally fitter and am more toned, especially around my arms and thighs. I’m getting married next August and my goal is a beach babe body for my honeymoon. I’m sure that if I keep up the FFA sessions my goal will become reality! Bye bye bingo wings!

Thanks Lee!

Katy Finney

I am a Expat who returned home for a couple of weeks vacation.
My weight increased and chance for sports reduced since moving to Switzerland about 1 year ago so felt pretty ashamed and even had love handles.. therefore jumped on the chance to join the Functional Fitness Academy ran by Lee. The FFA and Lee are simply superb! Lee is an exceptional trainer and great at motivating individuals and groups to maximise their performance! Due to my holidays I could only attend 6 sessions but I could see the resuts already 1/2 way through... I only wish I could have stayed a couple of weeks longer! Normally waking up at 0545 in the morning is a big no go for me, but Lee's sessions got me so motivated I sprung out of bed each morning. Each session I attended was different which made it more fun to enjoy and address all parts of my body. My last session I even survived and got the "ISSY" T-Shirt. For sure each trip home I will be attending in the future and I recommend Lee and his FFA to everybody! All the best wishes to Lee and FFA members past, present and future.
Sincerely Neil
PS: The banana cake was lush 😉

Neil Jensen, Zug, Switzerland

Thank you for producing me a 6 week fitness training programme. The programme was detailed enough to make sure i wasn't doing anything wrong on the machines. Also gave me some advise on Nutrition, which taught me things i didn't know. Due to this programme and advice I started seeing the benefits immediately. I would highly recommend your services to family and friends Thank you

Suzie Nicholls

I am so happy that Lee has started the Functional Fitness Academy Camps. I have had Lee doing personal training sessions in the past with me and my friend and have found him very professional, friendly and always helps me achieve my goals. Not to mention keeping me motivated. It is good to see someone that is very passionate about what he does. I will certainly be attending your camps Lee x

Helan Philips

I really enjoyed the varied and effective sessions we have done over the last 4 weeks, great instruction from Lee who always keeps a close eye to make sure you are getting the most out of each exercise!

Richard Urron

I have just completed a 4 week programme and have already booked on to the next one. The sessions are great fun and the exercises are so varied so you never get bored. Lee is great at keeping you motivated and helping you achieve the results you want. I would highly recommend the sessions to anyone looking to tone up, lose weight or improve general fitness levels.

Louise Taylor

Having just completed my first 4 week programme with Functional Fitness Academy I am already looking forward to the next one!

The programme is so varied and at the end of each session you really feel like you have a great workout. The attention and guidance given by Lee both in the sessions and support outside of the sessions is 100%. It really is a great way to improve your fitness and tone up.

Sara Mcstea

Having just completed the first 4 week programme I can't wait to start the next one. The sessions are continually challenging and varied and I've started noticing a difference already. I feel I have lot more energy and drive, I'd highly recommend Functional Fitness Academy and Lee to anyone, whether it’s to lose weight, tone up or to generally get fit.

Stuart Robson

Half way through my second 4 week programme. The workouts are great with lots of variety from session to session. Using the equipment in with the sessions as opposed to 'just the same old exercises' really sets this apart. Excellent instruction from Lee in all aspects, very professional yet friendly - really knows his stuff. The nutritional advice is also great - don't worry no diets and living permanently off seeds, just good advice along with the tips of the week and excellent handouts. You really do see results and even though it's a group Lee makes sure he gives everybody close attention. RECOMMEND IT!!!

David Brown

I'm into week 3 of my second 4 week programme and am enjoying the varied sessions more than ever.
There's no same mundane exercises week by week, no session is exactly the same and Lee really keeps you on your toes with excellent motivational techniques and sound instructions.
Lee is very down to earth and approachable. He makes the sessions fun and free flowing and is on hand to give nutritional advice should you seek it.
Most importantly I am seeing some positive results. I feel fitter than when I started and I have had to buy a belt for my work trousers!
I'd definitely recommend the programme should you be wanting to lose weight, get fitter or tone up.

Scott Taviner

I'm halfway through my second month of the functional fitness programme and highly recommend it, I have lost considerable body fat, in particular round my waist and due to the ever changing workouts set by Lee (every single workout is different and unique) I have managed to achieve to tone my whole body in a way I have never done before. If I am seeing results this good already then I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens in two or three months.

Scott Mutch