Have you ever had a chocolate bar call out your name?

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Have you ever had a chocolate bar call out your name?



It’s calling you, it is saying your name, it is asking you


Yep guys that was that chocolate bar shouting out at you! Sound familiar?

I am sure it does. Simple carbohydrates better known as sweets, chocolate,

cakes doughnuts etc. cause these cravings to happen.

Depending on the types of food you eat blood sugar levels rise and drop

like a roller coaster throughout the day. Simple carbohydrates will spike your

blood sugar levels but as you know what goes up must come down which

then causes a huge drop. The drop has 2 major side affects  


1. Lack of energy

2.  Have you crave even more sugary foods to achieve the spike again.

Happened to me last christmas, well it was actually the first 2 weeks of my

own 6 week transformation. My aim was to get down to 8% body fat from

around 11%. I hit it coming in at just under 8% at a pretty good 7.6% – goal achieved!


However Christmas had just gone and me being like everybody else i.e human!  

I seriously overindulged on sugary foods, in fact it is fair to say I went my ends.

It was hard to avoid with all them Christmas chocolates around, 4 dips in to the

Quality Street box and sure I first thought only 1


After Christmas was over my first 2 weeks of my transformation was by far the hardest.

My body was loving sugar over Christmas and the sudden stop sure did show.

What you got to understand is that sugar is a drug, the more you have of it then

the more the body will crave it. I felt that everything that had sugar in was

calling out to me.

Should I just have a little? Should I just eat it all and double my exercise tomorrow?

Will it really make a difference if I sit and eat this full left over Christmas chocolate bar?

Of course it would and that’s why I didn’t.


Like I always say to my clients, strong mind = strong body.  


The only time I did have a little treat was when I earned it.


All of my eating systems have victory meals/treats built in throughout,

so I had something to look forward to for all my hard work that

I had put in during the week.


So what did I do to curb the cravings outside of my victory treats –


Got rid of it – Yep, it would have sent a young sweet loving child to breaking point

but I got rid of all the sugary fixes that lay around my house from Christmas!

I was actually shocked at how much had accumulated over the holidays.

So it all went, out of sight out of mind. The only thing I did not get rid of was

dark chocolate (which I will explain why in a minute)


Brush teeth – Yep brushing your teeth sends a signal to the brain to stop the craving.

We relate to brushing our teeth before not eating. I.e. on a morning after

breakfast and before bed. Brushing your teeth tricks your brain in to thinking that food

won’t be consumed for a period of time and therefore taking away the crave you are feeling.

I actually done this a few times and it really does work. Unless you really like Colgate mint chocolate 😉


Increase of good fats – Most people think that fat is what makes us fat? But fat in the

diet is crucial and let me tell you now that fat does not make you fat, well not good fats anyway.

Good fats are found in fish and fish oil, olives, nuts, seeds and avocado!

The good thing about these good fats is they keep you full.

One of the main reasons we crave sugary foods is because we are hungry.

Having a quick form of good fats at hand helps. Great snacks that you can take on the go

would be a handful of nuts and seeds with natural yoghurt or lean ham with avocado.

Great protein and good fat hits that will keep you satisfied.


Dark chocolate – The only form of chocolate I kept in my house.

Dark chocolate which is made from Cocoa is a natural product that actually

comes from a plant! With this in mind, dark chocolate actually has the same

health benefits as some fruit and dark leafy green vegetables!

This is due to it being packed with flavonoids which work as antioxidants!

Dark chocolate is very bitter but boasts a lot of health benefits. I recommend 2 squares

for when that sugar craving strikes, make sure also that the cocoa content

is at least 70% or above.


Liquorice Tea – Superb for satisfying and preventing cravings.

Liquorice root is sweet and binds glucose. This helps regulate blood sugar levels.

This basically means it will help you stop craving sugary foods. I sipped this throughout

the day and it really did help.


So as soon as you hear the sugar calling your name, defend against it by using one of these tips!


They really do work so make sure you try them out.


Stay Lean




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