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Secret to your dream body – Lee’s Mission – Tip 1

  Secret to your dream body – Lee’s mission – Tip 1 Performing Isolation Exercises Hello everyone, I thought I would run a few articles on some of my pet hates in the fitness industry. Most people I have worked with have started physical activity because they want to lose[…]

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Tiffs Tuna and Egg BOOOM

Check out this quick, cheap, huge protein and low calorie recipe. I’ve just banged it together within literally 10 minutes to refuel after a massive strength training session (see pic). It has a muscle toning 46.11g of protein and a fat burning 340 calories. Check it out – Tiffs Tuna[…]

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Home-made high protein shake

As promised here is my top saving secret recipe for a tasty protein shake! No more spending fortunes on specialist powders and shakes! Just do it your self for a fraction of the cost 🙂 and only 1% fat. Boosting Protein Content – Did you know that skimmed milk powder is a[…]

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