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Coach Tiff on a mission – Gym – South Shields

  So Winter is now officially over and the t shirts, vests and shorts are now in the shops.   SUMMER IS NEARLY HERE.   Just like most people though, I have been hiding away under thick warm clothes.   But now it's time to get beach body ready!   My aim[…]

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Create a BAT CAVE!

Sounds awesome right? Or is that just because I am a big kid and like anything to do with superheroes?   Probably.   Anyhoo, creating a bat cave before you go to bed will not only lay the foundations for a great nights sleep but it will also help with your body transformation[…]

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Charles Poliquin

Last week I travelled down to Manchester for a 2-day event with no other than arguably the best Strength, Conditioning and Body Composition coach on the planet.   Charles Poliquin.   Man this guy has some serious CV – numerous Olympic athletes under his belt that he has trained to Olympic Gold, Mr Olympia's and[…]

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I Will Be Thin.

I will be thin!! I must see this 1 liner almost every other day on Facebook! People wanting to make a change but deep inside they lack the real drive and commitment to do it! I just seen this last weekend which spurred me on with this email actually. 'I will be[…]

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