30 things you didn’t know about Lee Tiffin (Black Sheep Fitness Academy)

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30 things you didn’t know about Lee Tiffin (Black Sheep Fitness Academy)


For all those that think I live in the gym and eat broccoli all day – Check out my Blog post on – 30 things you didn’t know about Lee Tiffin (Black Sheep Fitness Academy)

1. I have no idea how to use a washing machine! Yes ladies, even the one at home! Surprised?

2. Picture above explains it all, me and another 15 of my friends decided to get dressed up as ‘Amy Winehouse’ on my stag do. I  got the short straw obviously!

3. Which brings me nicely on to number 3 – I love getting dressed up(not always as women by the way )

4. Favourite place to go on holiday is Magaluf although my wild days are well behind me. I now visit the resort close by to Palma Nova each year with my family.

5. I have a daughter called Isabelle Grace (Issy) who is 2 and half years old! And I love her more than the world.

6.  I have OCD – I won’t go in to it ha!

7.  Ok I will, well a small part of it. As an OCD sufferer one of my symptoms is that I tend to be a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect! Yes to all my clients that is exactly why all medicine balls, Kettle Bells etc.  MUST be in size order and facing the correct way!

8. I HATE spiders, small, medium or large! Anything with 8 legs freaks me right out! My wife has to get rid of any in the house! I say that as I beat my chest????

9. I cannot bare the feel or texture of sponges. The thought of it on my hands or even worse seeing kids chewing and sucking on them sends a surge like a 10,000 bolt shock through my body! Probably the same feeling as others get when running nails down a blackboard.

10. I used to play rugby for Durham County.

11. I can do the Sally Press Up challenge on 3 medicine balls – check it here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAEz6vg3a8E

12. I used to be a fitness model working for companies such as JJB Sports, JD Sports and Nike.


13.  I have a real expensive fascination for watches – I own 7 altogether with my Formula 1 Tag Heuer as my favourite.

14. I LOVE pizza – Meat feast is my favourite.

15.  I had a shoulder injury that kept me out of action (exercise that is) for almost 12 weeks – for me this was a KILLER!

16.  Along with spiders I am terrified of The Cat in The Hat! That thing creeps me right out! Is that just me?


17. I got down to the final 8 of 30,000 fitness fanatics for the game show The Gladiators! Unfortunately Sky 1 decided to cut the series. GUTTED as I would have given The Wolf a good run for his money.


18. My favourite bodyweight exercise is the Squat Thrust and my gym exercise the Power Clean.

19. My top 3 favourite films are 300, Braveheart and The Goonies.


20. My bootcamp was once filmed by MTV.

21. I used to own a cool Vespa PX scooter called Molly.


22. My 2 chosen albums if stranded on a desert island would be White Ladder by David Gray and Hot Fuzz by The Killers.

23. I once had Christmas day dinner at the Plaza hotel in New York on my honeymoon (the one from Home Alone 2).

24. I am a huge boy band fan. Top favourites are Take That and 1 Direction! (P*ss taking from my mates pending)

25. My favourite sportsperson is Johnny Wilkinson. Not so much how he played (even though he was the best in the world at his prime) but his focus, commitment and dedication to get to that level in training and other parts of his life. You will know what I mean if you have read his book.

26. I hate lateness! Probably due to my OCD – my clients certainly know about this.

27. I am very competitive. I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!

28. I talk to my mam or see her every single day (Mammies’ boy)

29. I would not have achieved half the goals I set out to do in my life if it wasn’t for the support of my rock ‘The wife’!

30. I have seen 2 famous people totally starker’s! 1 of them being Peter Beardsley…..SCARRED!



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